Lunteren HeatXchanger

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Lunteren HeatXchanger


This client had a wide and (too) low stable. As a result, the incoming fresh air did not spread well over the space but struck down where it caused wet spots on the ground. The climate in the shed was not good for a healthy development of the poulty. That’s why Multiheat was called in.

The solution consists of preheating the outside air by means of the HeatExchanger, resulting in energy savings. With special fans, the air is better distributed in the broiler house. Multihead Line heaters are applied. This further warms the air without introducing combustion gases into the broiler house.

After the adjustments, the moisture problems were solved while a 60% energy cost reduction was realized. The climate can be accurately controlled so that the optimum air circulation is always realized for an optimal broiler house.

What we did

  • HeatXchanger
  • Ventilation system
  • Heating system