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Warm temperature in the milking parlour is a daily problem, Abbi-Aerotech designed a new air intake unit which can be placed easily in any milking parlour “plug and play”.
For lower buildings air intake can be a problem with our airtubes we can design ventilation for all kind of animals like cows, calfs, goats etc. creating fresh air but without any draft.

For the very cold climate we have our cushion curtains to create a insulation during the wintertime and a big air opening during the warmer period.

Abbi Air Cushion Curtain

  • Insulates when necessary
  • Operates fully automatic
  • All weather Conditions
Double-walled system acting as an insulation blanket

Modern dairy barns are equipped with ventilation systems to provide cows an optimum living environment the whole year round. In cold winter conditions it is necessary to install insulated curtains. Abbi-Aerotech delivers a double-walled system that can be inflated in extremely cold weather. The curtain works as a normal curtain and only filled with air when the curtain is closed. The curtain material is airtight and is more than just a roller blind. Air is blown into the curtain in the closed position by 1 or 2 pumps, depending on the height of the curtain. This saves energy and only requires smaller pumps. Curtain lengthes of 55 meter can be achieved and when placing the winchmotor in the middle of the sidewall, 110 meter can be bridged.

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