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Padcooling products for poultry farms

Our Aerocool cooling system for poultryfarms

An Aerocool system reduces the incoming air temperature by some 6-12 degrees and under ideal circumstances even more. This modular system consists of customised panels that when assembled creates the housing for the pads. The upper part has a water supply line with holes, while special guides divide the water across the pads. The lower part bears the pad and is at the same time the tank gutter for the water.
The depth of the pad is usually 15 cm. The water is pumped across the pad and the airflow evaporates the water and cools the air temperature.

Fans draw the cooled-off air through the building and the aim is to reach an air speed sufficient to lower the sensible temperature for the respective animals and remove the heat they produce .
Pads are mostly installed at the oen end of the building, while the fans are at the opposite end.
First, tunnel ventilation is applied, as soon as the temperature reaches 29 degrees, the waterpump starts and the cooling begins.

Our poultry farms cooling system

Efficient, easy to install, flexible

The pad system is installed at one end of the building with the fans at the opposite side. With this system the air inlet temperatures are reduced by some 6-12 degrees and under ideal circumstances even more.

  • 8-15 degrees lower temperature
  • Better growth and production on hot days
  • Better feed conversion
  • Lower mortality
  • Dryer litter
  • Easy installing
  • Compact design
  • Durable materials

These products in action

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