The climate in the barn is the key!

The choice for the right ventilation solution depends on your specific situation. What kind of
stable, size, the climate etc. To achieve the best result for the livestock it is important to
choose the dimensions right. Abbi Aerotech helps you design the right solution that saves you
money and guarantees the best conditions in your poultry house.

Our ventilation solutions for your poultry farms

Abbi Aerotech offers different solutions for ventilating your poultryhouse. The right ventilation system depends on the kind of birds, the liveweight and the number of birds per sq. mtr. Each building is different and located in different countries or locations with different outside climate conditions. All these factors need to be in balance and our specialist can help you and work out the best solution for you.

Each ventilation system needs fans with air inlets or curtains. The fans are in different sizes vailable, with or without cones, shutters and mostly placed in the buildingwalls. We supply the common metal fans like our Grower fans as well as the most advantaged fans like the Vortex fans. A wide choice of fans available for every situation.

Our poultry farms ventilation systems


With increasing and relatively high energy prices the moment has come to invest in a heat recovery system. Depending on the heat requirement and the outside temperature the pay-back period of such installation will be between 4 and 6 years. Each situation is different, but more and more the poultry farmer is searching for alternatives to reduce costs either with solar panels, windmills or heat recovery.

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Switch Superior
Switch Superior

The Switch Superior is a compact, plug & play heat exchanger creating a healthy climate in the poultry farm.

Saving energy and optimising the climate inside a poultry house are top priorities for every poultry farmer. Temperature and ventilation play a big part in the ideal circumstances for poultry to perform. The Switch Superior Compact Heat Exchanger takes polluted, CO-2-rich air from the poultry house, and exchanges this for fresh, O2-rich air. The built-in exchanger block takes heat from the outgoing air to warm the fresh incoming air, which substanially improves the poultry house climate.

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  • Available in 2 models: with and without cone.
  • Aerodynamic 3-blade propellers for maximum aircapacity
  • High forced orificelip for maximum efficiency
  • Motors are totally enclosed and placed in airstream for extra cooling and durability.
  • Plastic shutters open easily with minimal airflow resistance, yet close tightly to prevent air leaks.

These products in action

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Choosing the correct fan is not an easy job. You need to compare air output, efficiency rates, ratings at certain static pressures, watts per 1000 m3/h and choose a fan with or without cones, direct drive or belt drive etc. Plenty of options to contact one of our specialists and help you out for the best choice.

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