Client case: Poultry farmer Patrick day about the Multiheat hot water unit

Eric Bussem Managing director


Poultry farmer patrick day about the multiheat hot water unit: it produced about 10°c more heat

A couple of years ago patrick day from chelmsford installed three 200kw biomass heat exchanging units on one of his farms. He experienced poor results and in search for a solution we offered patrick a trial with our hot water units: “we did one trial to compare the old heaters with the multiheat hot water unit and surprisingly the latter produced about 10°c more heat in the sheds.”

Other advantages patrick experienced: “they reduce gas consumption to almost zero, very good spread of temperature, reduced co2, dryer litter from the birds, easy to maintain and clean and no clogging underneath the heat exchanger. Just a good machine, I wish I bought them the first time.” check the full below.

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I wish I bought them the first time!